Colin Kaepernick’s ‘amateur behavior’ has made him a more polarizing figure


By now almost everyone who follows the National Football League has heard the reports of the Miami Police Department investigating a suspicious incident involving 49ers starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick along with fellow 49er Quinton Patton and Ricardo Lockette of the Seattle Seahawks.

Here is a link to the police report.

The story of the investigation first broke when gossip site TMZ reported it early Thursday morning. TMZ has stood by the original headline that was used, despite claims to the contrary by the Miami Police.

Early this morning, Colin Kaepernick issued the following statement through a 3-part tweet on his Twitter account:

“The charges made in the TMZ story and other stories I’ve seen are completely wrong. They make things up about me that never happened. I take great pride in who I am and what I do, but I guess sometimes you have to deal with someone who makes things up. I want to thank all of the people who have shared their encouraging sentiments. I assure you that your faith is not misplaced.”

After reading the tweet I was actually left with more questions than answers. Exactly which part of the story and other stories is completely wrong, Colin?

Did she not mix drinks? Was she not told that before taking the shots she would have to take a hit from the bong? Is it all a lie that some crazy fan just made up?

Here is what we know for sure, according to the Miami Hearld, happened in Lockette’s apartment that resulted in the Miami Fire Department being dispatched to Lockette’s apartment just after midnight, 12:32 a.m., and a woman being taken to the hospital where she woke up the next morning. In addition, the Miami Police Department is awaiting the result of toxicology reports so they can present it to the state district attorney to determine the next steps.

Obviously the TMZ report is not completely wrong. The Miami Police are doing an investigation, and over the coming days and weeks more details will emerge.

No one can blame Kaepernick for wanting to speak and share his side of the story. The problem is that in doing so, when an investigation is still ongoing, he left many with more questions than answers.

The proper course of action would have been to let the agency that handles his affairs, XAM, be the primary voice and issue a statement while the smoke settles. To their credit they did just that shortly after Kaepernick went public with his tweets.

By coming out in the manner that Kaepernick, he simply took another step to make himself possibly the most polarizing figure in the NFL and once again showing the type of amateur behavior that one would not expect from the face of any professional franchise.

– Colin Kaepernick sounds off on TMZ report, (READ).

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  • Hoosgow

    York should have sent a legal adviser to Kap right away. Is the lack of professionalism Kap’s or the 49ers organization’s?

  • Jack Hammer

    Kaepernick is 26 and has his own representation who should have been able to tell him to lay low.

  • undercenter

    Congrats Jack.

    • Jack Hammer

      Thanks undercenter. ; )

  • jdroid

    I admire Kaep’s physical abilities, but he lacks maturity and good decision making skills – on and off the field

  • mmitch

    Listen Jack Hanmer. The only person that has more questions is you. I would advise for you to be patience like the rest of us before making judgements about Kap having “amateur behavior.” From the outside looking in, it doesn’t looks like any the brothers done anything wrong; for all we know, they could have saved that womens life. Please wait until the facts come out before describing Kaps behavior. Until then Jack, can you pleased report some real news?

  • Robert Phillips

    Good posting, Jack ! mmitch, we realize you’re a kraperneck supporter but he is acting like a gangbangerwannabe ALL the time, on field and off. He’s still a punk acting like an IDIOT.!!!