Mailbag: Futures of Cole and Ryans, Dion Jordan and Philadelphia Eagles' RBs


A special thanks to those who submitted questions this week.

Is this Cole and Ryans’ last seasons as Eagles? If so, what would the salary cap look like heading into next offseason? – @penseur76

I would be shocked if the Eagles decide to keep Trent Cole past this year, and I think DeMeco Ryans could also be gone as well. Ryans has the better chance of staying on board, but it’s clear that the Eagles will start to plan for life after both in the upcoming draft. Both players are starting to become liabilities in coverage as they age, so the Eagles will need to upgrade at both linebacker spots next month. The duo occupies roughly $18.5 million in cap space for 2015, so the Eagles would be getting a good chunk of money back to spend. Cole is the only one who would have dead money against the cap if cut ($3.2 million), so the adjusted amount of freed up money is around $15 million.

Will the Eagles trade Bryce Brown? – Mike from Horsham

I don’t think so. It’s very hard to pull off trades for players in the NFL (even though we’ll talk about one below), and I don’t think Bryce Brown would command a high price. I think the Eagles are better off keeping him unless they get a earth-shattering offer for him.

Do the Eagles still try and possibly make a draft day trade for Dion Jordan? I think we should honestly. – @DRUjitzu

How the Eagles approach this situation will depend on their view of Jordan compared to the rest of the prospects available in the vicinity of pick No. 22. If Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman feel that Jordan would be the best player on the board at the particular time, I think they’d consider a trade. If they can swing the No. 22 pick and Brandon Graham for Dion Jordan, are they really losing out on anything? I say no, and I’d pull the trigger on that.

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