New logo for the New Orleans Saints exactly the same as the current one


Re-designing NFL logos is the new fad, and anyone with an ounce of artistic ability and a domain name seemingly now has their own set of sigil’s for the NFL world. released their own versions, and one look at their Saints’ logo proves they had to cut corners somewhere.

Seriously guys? It is legitimately the exact same as the current fleur-de-lis. Let me be clear, I’m totally fine with that because the Saints’ logo is one of the few that is perfect as-is, but don’t add a few shadows to the current logo and call it unique.

To be fair some of them are pretty awesome:

patriots logo

I’ll be the first to line up and bash the Patriots as a football team but this logo encompasses all the patriotism and Americ-awesomeness the current version lacks.

Not all are winners, though:

cardinals logo

That looks like something better left for Saturday morning cartoons.

What do you think? Click here to view the rest of the logos and comment below with your take!

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