• Bob Keown

    It looks like a tiger shrimp. Horrible.

  • sean

    A cross between a tiger and a prawn. SHRIMP KITTY !!!

  • bob carr

    The most disgusting thing I seen in a long time. Get rid of it. Very sic.

  • Rusty

    It will be a sad day in Cincinnati if the Bengals switch to something like this … It looks to be in likeness to symbols used for islam (the crescent moon in the islam logo) … don’t need ANYTHING LIKE THIS!!! .. Dump this idea …

  • Connie

    This is awful. Looks like something is trying to eat the Bengal.

  • robotred

    That’s just what the team needs. A logo that looks like a cat chasing its own tail. If the artists can’t do better than that, get another artist.

  • Cmcd

    Sorry but yeah this is really bad, i think he was trying to make a C, but it looks like a weird tale.

  • rick

    No, let it be, it fine the way it is that new logo sucks keep the old one.

  • Corey

    i love our logo the way it is! WHODEY!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a tiger in the shape of a C