Where are they now: Edgerton

The Raveans drafted Ed Hartwell in the fourth round of the 2001 draft as a project middle linebacker, someone they hoped could be a solid backup to Ray Lewis.  It was under the tutelage of Lewis, though, that Hartwell excelled, providing great dividends for the team during his four years with the Ravens.  After his rookie year, Hartwell started every game at middle linebacker in the 3-4 defense next to Lewis.  He’d leave as a free agent to Atlanta in 2005, signing a lucrative six year deal worth $26.25 million.  However, injuries plagued Hartwell off the bat in Atlanta, and he was never the same after that.  He’d play two years with the Falcons before signing with Cincinnati and Oakland in the following years.  He officially retired in 2008.
As someone who doesn’t keep up with “The Real Housewives of ___” shows, I was surprised to see that Hartwell is a known face on the popular A&E reality shows.  The show’s Atlanta version heavily featured Ed Hartwell and his wife, Lisa Wu Hartwell, over two seasons, showing off their eloping and eventual formal ceremony in 2006.
As per usual with married couples on these shows however, it didn’t to last.  In 2011 Hartwell announced he and his wife were separated, and have since been legally divorced.  Sadly, it appears their $2.9 million mansion outside of Atlanta has been foreclosed on and several of the couple’s start up businesses are no longer active.
Today, Hartwell remains active on his twitter handle (@edhartwell1) and shows support for his former teams, the Ravens and Falcons.
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