Weekly Rewind: Browns eliminate Sammy Watkins; keeping Alex Mack


The Browns continued their free-agency revamp with the signing of veteran WR Nate Burleson. Sammy Watkins? Forget about it. It looks more and more like the #4 overall pick will be used on a quarterback. Meanwhile, the Cleveland front-office is talking a big game regarding stud center Alex Mack. But do they truly appreciate him if they haven’t offered him a long-term contract? For a summary of what went on in Cleveland over the past seven days, take a look at the links below.

Browns Columns

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– Alex Mack may remain a Brown this year, but likely not long-term (READ)

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  • Ronald

    That’s okey. Watkins, I think, is a spoiled brat; just what we don’t need. All of these players are, of course, young, but we need some maturity and some common sense in who we pick. I think Farmer will pick that kind of player too.