Is Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals crazy?


Do you follow Darnell Dockett on Twitter? If you don’t and are a fan of the Cardinals or just enjoy reading the thoughts of those who are unpredictable and often inappropriate, then you certainly should. If you are a fan of the shock jock style of entertainment provided by guys like Howard Stern, then check out the NFL’s version of the class clown.

Dockett has played for the Cardinals for the past 10 seasons. During that time he has been selected to play in three Pro Bowls and made the All-Pro team in 2009. He is a big man with surprising quickness and plays with a mean streak on the field. He has been an anchor for a Cardinals franchise that isn’t all that familiar with having long tenured players of Dockett’s quality. But that isn’t what gets Dockett in the headlines.

Dockett has had a rocky and colorful run with social media in his career. There was the whole naked photo incident. I’m thankful that I missed that one and therefore can’t provide any further analysis. There was the time he was live-tweeting updates while being pulled over by the police. He was quite adamant that he was not going to allow them to search his Escalade. He also recently shared with the world is thoughts on the strip club scene and his self imposed $700 spending limit. These were all relatively harmless, unless of course you were forced to view the photo of him in the shower or happen to be the neighbor that he admits to stealing his Wi-Fi.  Other tweets have drawn more attention, and not in a good way.

Now when you pull up Dockett’s Twitter profile you should already know that what’s going to follow is not always politically correct. Here is the brief bio that accompanies his Twitter feed. (edited for profanity)

Collard green , neck bone, spam, and potty meat are my favorites. F*** your opinions! I Love Midgets! FSU till I die, #90 Az cardinals… Can I live?

Watching Miley Cyrus twerking · whogivesas***.com

I think the website link at the end of his bio tells you everything you need to know about how Darnell Dockett feels about what you or I think. That would explain how he has unapologetically sent the following tweets.


So I have to ask, is Darnell Dockett actually crazy?

Here is a little background for those who don’t know much about Darnell Dockett’s life. We often talk about athletes who have grown up under difficult circumstances, but Dockett’s childhood was rougher than most. Dockett’s mother was murdered when he was 13. He was the one who found her. Dockett’s father left his family when he was five-years old and died of cancer just four months after his mother’s murder. Dockett was a wild kid who was arrested several times as a youth before his uncle Kevin adopted him and provided him with some much needed discipline.

Dockett’s mischievous streak followed him to college at Florida State where he was suspended for their bowl game because of an arrest. His draft stock fell because of it and the Cardinals selected him with their third-round pick.

Since becoming a member of the Arizona Cardinals, Dockett has grown as a player and as a person. He has spoken often of his loyalty to the team and is a leader on and off the field. Is he incredibly outspoken? Yep. Is he a large goofball who loves to poke and prod others? Without a doubt. Who can forget the story about his pet tiger? That one definitely got PETA riled up. Of course it turns out he never actually had a pet tiger, but it was certainly fun to see everyone get excited about it. Does he occasionally cross the line between what is offensive or appropriate? He sure does.

Does he give a damn what we think about it, or him? He sure doesn’t.

So while Dockett is definitely one of the most colorful and interesting characters in the NFL, he isn’t crazy. He has overcome more than most of us could ever imagine and accomplished a great deal in his career. He obviously enjoys life and given the hand he was dealt as a young man, there is something to be said for that.

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