Matt Schaub could be the best thing ever to happen to Matt McGloin


The Oakland Raiders still like their undrafted free agent out of Penn State, Matt McGloin. But they also realized that he was not ready to lead an NFL team at this point in his career. He showed more than anyone expected simply making the roster and then blew people away with how he played when given the chance to start.

But after teams had some tape on him, they were able to pinpoint some flaws and attack those areas of his game. Soon, the Raiders saw more and more batted balls and bad decisions from the rookie. But this is not surprising. Anyone who was realistic about things understood that McGloin, while impressive, still needs to work on a number of areas of his game. He clearly should have been drafted, but a redraft still would not have landed him in a high round.

He has potential, and more potential than anyone thought coming out of college. But if he was to be thrown in as a starter this season, it was more likely to inhibit his growth than enhance it. The team is much improved but still has a lot of holes. The offensive line in particular, is much better but is also a group of guys that excels in run blocking, not pass blocking. And the defense is still severely lacking in depth and a season of injuries like last year could result in another defensive collapse.

For a raw quarterback to succeed in the NFL, he needs to be surrounded by a lot of talent. That is why bringing in Matt Schaub is probably the best thing to have happened to McGloin. At first glance it seems bad since McGloin does not have much of a shot at beating out Schaub for the starting role. But if you think beyond this year, it likely increases the odds of McGloin being more than just a flash in the pan as a starter.

When the Raiders traded for Schaub, one of the first things he did was call McGloin to start a relationship with the young quarterback. Schaub understands his age and career trajectory and is not opposed to mentoring the young QB. McGloin, in turn, noted that he was excited to work with and learn from Schaub.

If McGloin is able to notch a few years of experience as a backup before making his second go at starting, he will be much better off for it. Not only will he have grown as a player, the Raiders will hopefully be a much better team. They have cleared themselves of the cap issues that plagued the team for the past two years, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the roster.

While McGloin will clearly be disappointed at the diminished odds of starting in 2014, but trading for Schaub may very well be the best thing to happen to McGloin.


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  • raiderarlin

    Agree 100%

  • Raider113

    Raider Arlin is 100% right……..#RaiderArlin……so the writting was on the wall about TP as soon as Schaub was signed.

  • 69Raiderfan

    Great article, hate to see TP go but wish him the best, Good Luck!