The Ravens’ Mt. Dreadmore: One man’s opinion, and then the right one


Back about a month ago, you couldn’t turn on ESPN without hearing a discussion about a hypothetical “Mt. Rushmore” scenario.  That is, in some arbitrary world where there are only four spots to honor individuals, who deserves to have their face etched in stone?

Well, one of the staff writers here at cover32 decided to tackle a different angle to the whole scenario, and rather than find four faces to commemorate, he found four to commiserate.  This is, in itself, an interesting angle to take to the whole fad that struck the sports world.  You can find his piece here, but Ravens fans in particular might be interested in this page that features one writer’s opinion about Baltimore’s apparent biggest disappointments.

Before we go any further in analyzing Carl Pfeiffer’s picks for the Ravens, it would behoove us to establish the criteria and rules used in his determination:

1. Each team should have at least one offensive and one defensive player.  Yet, three teams on my list do not.
2. The player had to have been drafted by that team (trades and free agents are for another list).
3. They had to have lasted at least two seasons with that team and, at some point been in the starting lineup. There are plenty of bad players that last a game or two, and have no place on this list of shame.
4. A Dreadmore player could not make this list for off the field issues. Therefore, their ineptitude had to be confined by their utter inability to play football, not their inability to stay out of trouble.
5. Injuries could not be the predominant factor in making this list. For example, Colts fans will never know if DT Steve Emtman would have been a dominant player.
6. Overrated players must be included.

It seems as though we have typed over-and-over about how Ozzie Newsome and company have such a stalwart draft history, and as a result, surely the task of assigning four players as the most deserving of ridicule is harder for Baltimore than other teams.  However, the picks made in this article — and I will add a disclaimer that Mr. Pfeiffer is clearly not a Ravens fan, so these opinions represent those of an outsider —  are pretty absurd, when you take into account the accomplishments of the players.  So, I encourage you all to take a look at Pfeiffer’s piece once more before clicking to read my analysis of his picks and subsequent revisions on the next pages.

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