Top-10 CB’s: Do the Browns need someone opposite Joe Haden?


Everyone has heard of Cleveland’s #1 cornerback and Pro-Bowler Joe Haden. He’s the definition of a shut-down corner, and is one of the best in the league. On the other side, however, the Browns have Buster Skrine. Nothing against the man, but he isn’t starting material…at least not for a team that should be shooting to make the playoffs. The Browns might want to think about drafting a CB in the May draft to address that right side. Conveniently enough, Cover 32 has compiled a list of the Top-10 cornerback prospects coming out in 2014.

To read the full list, and determine who would be the best fit for the Browns, CLICK HERE.

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  • t Shep

    If there are those out there that do not think the Browns need a CB, I would ask them to look at the games last year when J. Haden was hurt. It was ugly. The opponets could pass at will against the Browns.