Dumb Tweets: Mack is happy; Pressley is old-school

twitter tuesday

After all the drama and anxiety, center Alex Mack will remain a Brown. And apparently, he’s happy about that:

I’m sorry, it’s just hard for me to believe that he’s actually happy to be a Brown. Not long ago, there were rumors floating that he was in fact very unhappy with the way Cleveland was treating him. But I guess when you’re saved from the worse-than-death fate of going to Jacksonville, it’s easy to be happy almost anywhere.

In other news, the Browns have signed a fullback: Chris Pressley. Cleveland was without a fullback during the 2013 season, and their pathetic run game made the lack obvious. Pressley’s signing shows that they are determined to pound the rock.

As a Cleveland fan, do I want some old-school, line up, run three yards, and repeat? Yes please!

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