Power Rankings: New York Giants have had best offseason in NFL so far


Since the 2013 NFL season ended 10 weeks ago, every team in the NFL has made changes. Both winners and losers from last year have been busy making adjustments.

Some have revamped their coaching staff. Some have turned over their roster. Some have done a little bit of both. But none, not a single one, have stood pat.

During this firestorm of activity, every team believes they’ve improved; hope springs eternal in the offseason. But reality suggests that can’t be true. For every team that gets better, another one had to regress; that’s the nature of the beast in a zero-sum game.

So which fans have reasons to be optimistic that 2014 will be better? And which ones are simply being delusional?

Last Tuesday, the cover32 editorial staff rated teams 1-32 in a traditional Power Rankings format. This week, we ranked each team based on what they’ve done since the Super Bowl. It’s an important distinction to make, as the following list is essentially grading each team’s 2014 offseason performance so far.

To see how all 32 NFL squads stack up, click here.

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