Report: Ricardo Lockette called cops in Miami


On Thursday TMZ reported that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette were named in a sexual assault investigation. Later, it became clear that the report was taken out of context and that there was no evidence of a possible rape, only a suspicious incident report.

Now as more details are coming out the incident seems less and less likely to become a problem for either Lockette or Kaepernick. Yesterday Miami sports station WINZ reported that Lockette was in fact the one who summoned the police to his apartment:


This puts a different spin on the issue. According to the woman’s statement given at the time, she went over to Lockette’s apartment and watched basketball with him, Kaepernick and 49ers receiver Quinton Patton. They drank shots and took hits from a marijuana bong. After which, she went into a bedroom with Kaepernick and got undressed, but did not have sex. She fell asleep. Later on Lockette and Patton supposedly peaked in on her and she told them to get out. She woke up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there.

Lockette apparently called police because the woman had refused to leave his apartment.

At the time I posted my first story on this I used the headline that TMZ and everyone else was using – regarding a sexual assault investigation. Perhaps I should have known better than to trust TMZ. In any case, I stated in the article that we have to reserve judgment and wait until all the facts came to light. That didn’t stop hundreds of Seahawks fans on Twitter from callin Kaepernick a rapist and worse.

I get it. When you hate a team, and this 49ers team is about as hateable as any I can remember, you want to see them fail. You want to believe the worst things about them no matter how outlandish. It’s not hard given that two other Niners have been implicated in felonies this week alone. Aldon Smith apparently got stinking drunk again and told authorities at LAX that he had a bomb on his person (wow), and Chris Culliver plead not guilty to hit-and-run charges as well as felony possession of brass knuckles. They’re punks. They’re thugs. They’re douchebags. But that doesn’t mean we should assume that the media got a story right on the first try.

Here’s what I think happened:

It sounds to me like this woman got too drunk and stoned to sleep with Kaepernick and then passed out on Lockette’s bed. When he asked her to leave she probably got belligerent which prompted him to call the police. She blacked out due to the alcohol in her system which would explain her memory lapse. At the hospital a rape kit was administered and the results have not been published as of yet, but I would be very surprised if a sexual assault actually occurred, given everything that we now know about what happed on April 1st at the Viceroy hotel in Miami.

Lockette may get into some trouble over the presence of the marijuana, but drug testing does not start until April 20 for NFL players (really? sounds like a stoner’s idea if I ever heard one), so unless he’s a regular smoker it will probably be out of his system by then. The Seahawks front office has said they’re monitoring the situation and have refused to comment based on the early stage of the investigation. We will bring more news to you as it comes regarding this incident.

The lesson here is that we shouldn’t judge people based on incidents when we were not there. At best we can only hear second or third-hand accounts from reporters and bloggers whose number one goal is to garner page views.

Kaepernick is still a narcissistic douche-bro, but it’s very unlikely that he’s a rapist. You can all calm down now.

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