Who sits atop of the Detroit Lions "Mount Dreadmore"?


On the heels of the popular Mount Rushmore trend that was started by Lebron James, every sport and every team has had their top four players designated by the media and fans alike. In that spirit, cover32.com’s own Carl Pfeiffer created the exact opposite, what he referred to as each teams Mount Dreadmore.

The criteria he attempted to use were fairly complicated. The players should have been drafted by the team and lasted at least two years there. Injuries and off field complications were not to be used as major criteria, though being overrated was very important when considering the dubious four for each team.

Pfeiffer’s choices for the Detroit Lions were solid. Charles Rogers is widely considered one of the biggest draft busts of all time. Rogers is the only wide receiver that he chose though, while other former first round picks Roy Williams and Mike Williams certainly could have been considered as well.

Also making the list were two quarterbacks; Joey Harrington and Jeff Komlo. While many would agree with Harrington, most don’t even know who Komlo is. That’s not to say that Komlo wasn’t bad, he was certainly was. Komlo was also a 9th round pick, a round that no longer even exists for the NFL. He overlooked two first round quarterbacks in the slow, outwitted Chuck Long and the drastically overrated (which was supposed to be major criteria) Andre Ware. Komlo doesn’t come close to the disappointment that both Long and Ware brought to the Lions faithful. Long was a 12th overall pick and his best season was 1987, during which he threw 11 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. That was his “best’ and it made Ware’s look even more depressing. In four seasons, earning just six starts, Ware amassed five total touchdown passes and threw eight interceptions. Not exactly what the Lions hoped for when they drafted Ware with the seventh overall pick. Obviously, Komlo doesn’t even come close to making this list in comparison to these guys.

The fourth member of this group was likely included just to make sure there was a defensive player here, and so Pfeiffer selected Boss Bailey. I can’t agree with this. Bailey did make the all rookie team as a second round pick. He was never what his brother Champ was in Washington, but he also was not the worst player on that defense. He could have easily chose Terry Fair(who they selected over Randy Moss), Chris Claiborne, Ernie Sims, Barrett Green or Jordon Dizon just to name a recent few who were more disappointing than Bailey. Fair would top my list, and I believe he is a big part of why the Lions have strayed away from taking a cornerback in the first round since. The Lions had a chance at Quentin Jammer and chose not to select him probably in part because of how disappointing Fair was.

The hard truth is, the Lions have way too many players who could be mentioned on this list. The fact that they have multiple quarterbacks and wide receivers to choose from is pathetic. I didn’t even touch on the offensive tackles because the thoughts of Gosder Cherilus, Stockar McDougle and Aaron Gibson was just to much to take this morning. They are all just another part of the disappointing history of the Lions that we’ll hopefully see change this season.

If you want to see every teams Mount Dreadmore, click here (READ) and also feel free to tell me who you think should be on the Lions mountain of shame.

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