A proposed new Atlanta Falcons uniform is pretty sweet


Proposed uniform changes for NFL teams is nothing new. Every week, some sort of idea seems to pop up – from radical redesigns to Star Wars themed tweaks to subtle changes. Most are interesting, but fairly laughable.

One new batch, however is worth taking a look at. Jesse Alkire, a freelance graphic artist / designer from Chicago, recently put his spin on each NFL team’s uniform, offering a creative touch to all 32 sets of duds. And most of them are pretty darn cool.

As for the Atlanta Falcons, he didn’t make drastic changes. He explained why on his web site:

“Used a brighter red, which pops brighter on solid black and conveys a fiercer, piercing image. Numbers inspired by the team’s custom type. Sharp points on the color and sleeves resemble talons, taking cues from the primary logo.”

Here’s what he came up with:

Falcons Helmet
A new look for the Falcons helmet and jersey.
Falcons Uniform
Three new uniform combos for Atlanta.

Pretty sharp. Who do we need to call to get this done?

To see Jesse’s entire batch of new uniforms, CLICK HERE. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

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  • TONYT203

    Not bad. First thing I would do. Is get rid those red uniforms, once and for all. Those uniforms represent the worst dog days of the Falcons. I’ve been a Falcon fan since Tommy Nobis. The worst Falcon teams wore those ugly red uniforms. The white is ok. But, the black is always intimidating. Think Steelers, Bears And Raiders. In their hay days. I know the bears are more like a darker blue. But they look black. Get rid of the red. Stick with the black.

    • Stephen Reinsmith

      Agreed, the Black looks sick, the white is respectable. But the red, not so much.

  • J

    The uniforms are sharp, brilliant work. The best of all three? Is that each uniform can be interchanged. Black Pant w/ Red Tops or Black Top/ w White Pant, Or Red on Red

  • J

    What I like? The uniforms can either be worn as solid tops & bottoms or interchanged. White Pants w/ Black, Red or White Top. Black Pant w/ Black, White or Red Top, Red Top w/ Black, White or Red Pant, look is sharp, crisp with one exception. I prefer each uniform black belted, black waist band.

    As the uniforms are displayed? I do not like the Red Highlights at the belt line, unless they were to add matching red color in the knee-pad areas to compliment the red belt line. And black in the knee – pad area for the the red uniform. Otherwise I prefer black belt lines on all 3 uniforms, with the red color added to the knee pad area.