A proposed new Dallas Cowboys uniform is pretty sweet


Proposed uniform changes for NFL teams is nothing new. Every week, some sort of idea seems to pop up – from radical redesigns to Star Wars themed tweaks to subtle changes. Most are interesting, but fairly laughable.

One new batch, however is worth taking a look at. Jesse Alkire, a freelance graphic artist / designer from Chicago, recently put his spin on each NFL team’s uniform, offering a creative touch to all 32 sets of duds. And most of them are pretty darn cool.

As for the Dallas Cowboys, he didn’t make drastic changes. He explained why on his web site:

“A single shade of silver – blue-tinted – is paired with a single shade of blue – navy – for a consistent look that fixes one of the NFL’s most egregious uniform errors. The two-stripe pattern, a Cowboys signature element, is applied to the helmet, jersey and pants. White pants provide a clean, crisp, and classic alternative to silver, with either the home or road jersey.”

Here’s what he came up with:

Cowboys Helmet
A new-look Cowboys helmet and jersey.
Cowboys Uniform
A proposed uniform change for the Cowboys.

Pretty sharp. Who do we need to call to get this done?

To see Jesse’s entire batch of new uniforms, CLICK HERE. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

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  • 1techsan

    You cannot fool me, that is not Roger Staubach.

  • boyscout

    put dollar signs on the helmet instead of stars and make everyones number 500. then jerry will have completed the total destruction of the once great and storied winning team’s history and turned them into the heha arkansas kowboy$

  • Rey Ybarra

    Yuck. Nothing wrong with the current uniforms or helmets. They’re icons as they are. Maybe a chrome helmet but that’s it.