Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning comparison will never fade


In only two seasons into the league, the impressive Andrew Luck has amassed an astonishing 8,196 yards and 46 touchdowns. He also has dangerous and under appreciated quickness giving him 632 yards on the ground and another nine touchdowns.

However, due to his predecessor, Luck will always be compared to one particular quarterback, Peyton Manning. Manning led a terrible Colts team to a 3-13 start his rookie year, unlike Luck who lead a team that had finished last season before his rookie year to a 11-5 record. Luck led Indianapolis to another 11-5 season in his sophomore year. Manning threw 52 touchdowns in his first two seasons and two rushing touchdowns.

The two are so close stats in regards to total touchdown production; the two differ in one glaring area, interceptions. Up to this point, Andrew Luck has thrown into the defender’s hands 27 times. Well over his first two years Manning thought if he was going to do something, he should do something right. Manning threw for an astounding 52 interceptions in his first two seasons. In yardage alone, Luck has out thrown Manning for 332 more.

Now with a solid core of playmakers surrounding Luck, he has the potential to become the legend Indianapolis has hoped he would be. Andrew Luck has the potential to be the “Golden Boy” and lead the team like his Hall of Fame predecessor did for 12 years, or maybe carve his own path to glory.

The future is now for Indianapolis, and they have the leader they need. Lightning hit twice in Indiana, and the organization will continue to build around Luck.

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