Cleveland Browns seriously considering Derek Carr with the 26th overall pick


According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, Cleveland is very high on Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr.

“They love him. They really love him. The feeling with many in football is that Cleveland will take Carr with its 26th pick,” said Freeman. “Other quarterbacks are rising quickly, but he might be rising the fastest.”

On the other hand, others, like Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, have Carr going as high as fourth overall to the Browns.

While this isn’t exactly an overly surprising development, it might be giving Cleveland fans some goose bumps. If the Browns do in fact take Carr, or any other quarterback, with their second pick in first-round, it would be for the third time in the last seven years, and we all remember how Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden turned out.

So far, one of Carr’s biggest areas of concern, other than his play on the field, has been the fact that he is the brother of David Carr, one of the biggest busts in NFL history. While the only real comparison between the two is in their DNA, drafting a Carr in the first round would undoubtedly make some fans uneasy.

Still, since the start of the offseason, many draft experts have slowly been sliding Carr higher and higher up their draft boards. At this point it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if he is selected in the first round. The question is now whether or not he should be. Many others, including ESPN’s Todd McShay, still have Carr valued as a fourth or fifth round pick. That’s quite a discrepancy, and it should be a cause for concern.

Nonetheless, the Browns obviously have some serious interest in Carr. If they do end up drafting him in the first round, they better just hope it works out, because they can’t afford to miss on a quarterback again.

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  • Ronald

    Let’s not feel jinxed because the last seven years haven’t been good quarterback picks and his brother was a bust. If he’s the guy, get him. He seems to be willing to do what it takes. He seems to be a class act. By May 8, he might be worth a #4 pick, but that seems high right now. #26 even seems a little high right now, but time will tell. I would rather have Robinson at #4. Mathews at #4 maybe. We don’t need to pick a WR2 at 4; there are plenty of really good WR’s in this draft; pick a WR2 later.

  • Aaron Rodgers brother

    Aaron Rodgers brother Jordan couldn’t make it either. comparing brothers is foolish.