Mailbag: Brandon Spikes’ emotions, and the breakout Patriot of 2014


The draft is approaching. We’re just a few weeks away. But we’ll hold off on the draft questions for one more week and take a look at what else is going on in Patriots Nation. Starting with a certain ex-Patriot that is no stranger to stirring up controversy…

Why is Brandon Spikes so soft? –Ron Stone from Denver, CO

For one of the hardest hitting linebackers in the game, Spikes certainly showed a soft (or self-conscious) side on his beloved Twitter account last week.

(among others)

Spikes is an emotional guy, and certainly isn’t afraid to show it on social media. That being said, we should cut him a break for the slavery he suffered in New England. Not everyone can handle winning games and earning millions of dollars. My prayers go out to him in Buffalo as he tries to cope with his freedom in the beautiful city of Buffalo with #BILLSMAFIA.

Who’s going to have a breakout season for the Pats in 2014? I need answers. –John from Portland, ME

I’ll give you two answers, John. First is the guy that Patriots fans should really hope breaks out in 2014. That’s Duron Harmon. The safety position could be the teams biggest weakness right now. While other positions on the roster may not have ideal depth, the safety position doesn’t even have two definitive starters. Harmon showed some promise in his rookie year last season, but if he can show some more consistency in 2014 he will alleviate all concerns at the position.

Second is the guy I am more confident will break out this season. That’s Jamie Collins. Collins is a popular pick for a breakout season, but it’s for good reason. He will be forced into a starting role alongside a healthy Jerod Mayo, and build off of the success he experienced down the stretch in his rookie season. Expect big things from him in 2014.

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