Redskins colors used to be Burgundy, Gold, and Darrell Green


Today we look at the best CB that the Redskins have ever drafted. This is an easy choice and there’s really no debate. Darrell Green is the best corner in Redskins history, so naturally he would be the best one ever drafted. And for those wondering the great Pat Fischer wasn’t drafted by Washington.

Green was the 28th pick in the 1st rd of the 1983 NFL Draft out of Texas A&I University. Of course Green is known for his blazing speed, after running a 4.1 in the 40 yd dash, and after chasing down the legendary Tony Dorsett in his first ever regular season game.

However, Green was also a great cover corner with outstanding ball skills. He holds the Redskins all-time interception record with 54, for 621 return yards and six touchdowns. Green was also a great return man, which he proved the first time he ever touched the ball in the NFL, returning a punt 61 yards for a touchdown in his first preseason game as a pro. For his career Green returned 51 punts for 611 yards.

Green was All-Pro four times, played in four NFC Championship games and three Super Bowls. And is now a first ballot hall of famer. The most impressive thing about Green was his longevity, he played for 20 years at a young man’s position … cornerback. You won’t likely ever see anyone do that again.

Green also has an impressive records list:

Darrell Green’s NFL records

  • Most consecutive seasons with an interception (19)
  • Most seasons with at least one touch(receptions, rushes, returns) (20); tied with Jerry Rice
  • Most consecutive seasons with at least one touch (20); tied with Jerry Rice
  • Oldest player with a 35+ yard gain(lateral on punt return), (42 years, 327 days)
  • Oldest player with an interception return for a touchdown in overtime, (35 years, 249 days)
  • Oldest player with an interception (41 years, 304 days)
  • Oldest player with an 80+ yard interception return (37 years, 309 days)
  • Oldest player with a non-offensive touchdown in overtime, (35 years, 249 days)
  • Oldest NFL cornerback (42 years old)
  • 2nd Oldest player to return an interception for a touchdown (37 years, 309 days)(Albert Lewis is the oldest: 38 years, 26 days)
  • Most games played by a defensive player (295)
  • 4 time NFL’s Fastest Man Competition winner, only player to win multiple times and never lose
  • 1996 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award winner

Darrell Green’s Redskins’ records

  • Most career interceptions (54)
  • Most game starts (258) and games played (295)
  • Most game starts by a defensive back (258) and games played (295)
  • Most consecutive seasons (20).
  • Longest fumble return for a touchdown (78 yards).
  • Most interceptions returned for touchdown (6).
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  • rudy

    you fail to mention allowed more touched downs when covering in the end zone,couldnt cover me there

    • Anonymous

      Goal line swat of a pass to Anthony Carter in the NFC Championship game. You see rudy, you suck, you don’t know who Anthony Carter is, you probably can’t bowl without the rails so don’t pretend to act remotely athletic. I’m in Bethesda MD….what?