St. Louis Rams get an offensive and defensive weapon in cover32 Mock Draft 1.0


Our cover32 senior editors put together a Round One NFL Mock Draft 1.0 for your consumption, and the Rams came out pretty well.

I’m a strong advocate for the Rams selecting Jadeveon Clowney if available. But in this mock, the Texans pick Clowney first overall, which seems like a pretty likely scenario in real life, leaving the Rams with a variety of options with the no. 2 pick.

Personally, I think the Rams will try hard to trade down if this scenario presents itself, but if they are unable to strike a favorable deal, I think they should just pick the best player available, Sammy Watkins. That’s exactly what happens in this mock.

Go ahead, and read the rest of the mock to see who the Rams pick at no. 13.

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