With the No. 11 overall pick, the Tennessee Titans select…


In cover32’s first NFL mock draft, the Tennessee Titans filled a position of need after potential draftees slipped away.

Tennessee saw Johnny Manziel snagged at No. 4 from the Cleveland Browns and Khalil Mack fly off the board at No. 5 to the Oakland Raiders. The Titans missed out on the star power of Manziel and the pass-rushing ability of Mack, but Eric Ebron, Tennessee’s sleeper pick was still on the board.

The Titans watched the elite pass-catcher fall off the board at No. 9 to the Buffalo Bills.

At No. 11, Tennessee sured up its linebacking core by selecting Anthony Barr out of UCLA.

While quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has been touted as a potential successor to Jake Locker, the gap at linebacker and Barr’s potential upside is too much to pass on.

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