Who are we predicting the Pittsburgh Steelers will draft at No. 15? It might surprise you.


It’s obvious that the Pittsburgh Steelers have large (if not glaring) holes at various positions. So, who do they take in the First Round to try and solve those needs immediately?

Is it help on the defensive line? At cornerback? Wide Receiver? Tight End? Offensive line—where does one start!

Well, the staff at the cover32 headquarters asked every team’s managing editor to compile a list of the Top 10 players they would want their team to draft in the First Round.

Then they took all 32 team’s submissions and chose the best available based on their list.

If you want to who went to the Steelers CLICK HERE and find out!

I’d say the Steelers would be very fortunate if he were to fall to 15 and it would be a no-brainer to select him.

What do you think? Comment below (or on the main-list’s page) and discuss!

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  • Chris

    Look Pittsburgh need a corner not another offensive lineman lmao what are you smoking

    • Quinton Clapper

      Thanks for commenting, Chris.

      While I agree with you (about Pittsburgh “need” corner, not that other part), I do believe you have to look at the draft in pieces—you know, what’s best available. I would certainly take CB Justin Gilbert over OT Taylor Lewan 10 out of 10 times. Unfortunately, in this made up mock draft, another team snatched him up! Lewan, in most mock drafts done by experts way more qualified than myself, Lewan is a projected Top 10 pick. If available, I would take him over just about anyone other than Donald (DT, Pitt) and Evans (WR, Texas A&M). However, I would agree with Andy’s comment about the Steelers trading down—but unfortunately we didn’t mock trades in the draft

  • andy

    While i have no real problem with the pick, I would take any defensive player over any offensive player. (including WR, and LT/RT) It is the defense that needed to improve vastly more than the offense did. I would take NIX over Lewan or evans. Preferably they do just that trade back to say pick 20-23 and draft NIX.

    • Quinton Clapper

      Thanks for commenting, Andy!

      While, I’m not quite ready to run with Antonio Brown and Lance Moore, I agree with most of what you’re saying. However, I’m not totally sold on Nix—unless it’s in the scenario you’ve stated. If we were to draft Nix at 15, it would most likely be over-paying for him. We didn’t mock trades in the draft, so if someone of Taylor Lewan’s calibur is available at 15, I think we’d snatch him up. Thanks again!

  • Self

    While I do like T.Lewan the Steelers need Aaron Donald from Pitt ! When you draft someone in the 1st round he has to come right in and start. I’d also like them to get a corner with the 15th pick ..but we don’t need an OL men with the 15th pick seriously!

    • Quinton Clapper

      Thanks for commenting!

      I agree wholeheartedly and would take Donald before I thought of anything else. But if Lewan drops that far…the Steelers have to take him or trade down if other players like Justin Gilbert aren’t there, right?

      I mean, CB’s can be found in the later rounds, E.G. Mel Blount (Round 3), Ike Taylor (Round 4), and Deshea Townsend (Round 4) to name a few…although the same argument could be made for OL too, but…oh, well. We’ll have to wait and see!

  • bob graff

    I’m going tp pick three hoping one of them falls to 15, Mike Evans , Denard and J Manziel. If all 3 are gone Bradley Roby would be my fail safe pick.

    • andy

      i wouldn’t touch Manziel with a 10 ft. pole especially at the 15th pick. He’s just not good enough that high in the draft. Not to mention the most over-hyped player in the draft.

      • bob graff

        Then who would you pick Andy, Everyone looks at numbers, to Me Manziel has something very special. I m going to throw another name out there. Drafting the Wr Abbrederis would work in the middle rounds. When i watch tape on him he reminds me of Steve Largent. [call me crazy] “Sometimes there is just something special”

        • andy

          If a team needs a QB badly (which we do not) I could possibly see taking a reach on Manziel. That being said If i was that GM I would look to all the other top QB prospects first before going there. As for the steelers I would do my best to trade back to 20-23 and pick up Nix. If we couldn’t trade back, Dennard, Gilbert, or if all other top defensive picks are gone I would probably go for Odell Beckham.

  • TroyMcClure

    I just can’t see them taking an OT with some off the field question marks at 15. Yes, there are question marks with Adams and to a lesser extent, Gilbert, but drafting an OT essentially means you’re already giving up on someone before even giving Munchak a shot to develop them. And, Gilbert and Adams were pretty high picks themselves, so cutting bait. Not to mention, they’ve used some other high picks on the OL within the past few years too (Pouncey, DeCastro). You simply can’t invest top 60 picks on the same unit year after year with hurting other positions. I think that their are 4 candidates in play at 15, Evans, Gilbert, Denard and Ebron, in that order. At least one of those is likely to be available at 15 and all are positions of greater need than OT. If the worst case scenario plays out and none are available, then there’s a great chance that the Steelers trade down. If they do, then I think there’s another group of guys whose positions mirror these that might be in play, just depending on the trade partner and what they get in return.

  • bob graff

    Can the the Steelers draft quality players?? That’s probably the best question , recent history say’s they are really not very good at it . Question 2 if they blow another draft who comes to the rescue???

  • True Blue Tom

    As a die hard Wolverines fan and well as loyal member of Steeler nation, I won’t touch him with a 20 foot pole. He was a hot head as a freshman and that temper cost the team in critical situations with dumb penalties. And it hasn’t changed with the assault charges brought against him by two Buckeye fans. This kind of guy gets you the kind of press you don’t want.