Who is on the Houston Texans Mount Dreadmore?


Cover32’s Carl Pfeiffer is back at it again. Last time, where he mad each NFL team’s all-time Mount Rushmore that included Mario Williams, J.J. Watt, Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub on the Houston Texans’, he’s now taken each team’s all-time Mount Dreadmore.

On the all-time Texans’ Mount Dreadmore is David Carr, the former first overall pick in the 2002 draft who simply was not a good quarterback with the Texans, and was a complete draft bust.

Eric Winston and Jason Babin were also on the list, because Pfeiffer believed they played for too many teams in short spans to be considered good players.

Lastly, and a huge surprise at that, is T.J. Yates. The third-string quarterback who led the Texans to the AFC Divisional Round two years ago somehow ended up on the list.

While the first three are easily agreeable, Yates shouldn’t be on here.

This list wouldn’t be complete without another huge draft bust, someone like Travis Johnson, taken 16th overall in 2005. The Texans selected the defensive tackle 16th overall out of Florida State. Aaron Rodgers, Roddy White and Nick Collins are some of the many players that blossomed in the NFL taken after Johnson.

Texans fans, do you agree with Pfeiffer’s list, or did he misplace anyone and forget to add other names?

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