Worst CB for the Ravens: The man after Ogden and Lewis


The first two players ever drafted by the Baltimore Ravens were Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis.  Two of the greatest ever to play their position.  Unfortunately, the third choice the Ravens ever made didn’t quite make it to that level.  Or close to it.

In the 1996 draft, the Ravens used their second round pick on DeRon Jenkins, a promising cornerback out of the University of Tennessee.  Jenkins showed a few flashes as a rookie, and managed to start over 30 games for the team in his four year span in Baltimore.  That said, the early Ravens teams were known for their great offenses and awful defenses – Jenkins was certainly part of that.

Jenkins would go on to play for the Chargers and Titans for a year each before moving on the Arena Football League.  In his time with the Ravens he managed just two interceptions, and was scorched more often than not.  While you can’t exactly compare him to the Ravens’ other selections in their inaugural draft, it’s still fair to say that Jenkins was a bust.

But hey, when you draft two Hall of Famers, you’re allowed to miss on the next one.

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