Atlanta Falcons snubbed, not playing in one of 10 best NFL games in 2014


After much anticipation, it is now believed that the NFL will release its 2014 schedule on Tuesday, April 22. At that point, we’ll find who plays who, from Week 1 to Week 17, including all of the primetime and national TV games; that’ll provide fans with somewhat of a road map for the season.

But some games are going to be so attractive that it doesn’t matter when they’re played; they’ll still be must-see TV. They don’t need to be a Sunday night affair, holiday showdown or late-season Saturday tilt. It wouldn’t matter if they were played on a Tuesday morning; everyone would make sure to tune in.

Why? Because these match-ups have a little extra something going for them. There’s a little bad blood, some intriguing storylines or simply head-to-head showdowns that will be a blast to watch.

So in anticipation of the schedule release next week, the cover32 editors ranked the 10 best games on the 2014 NFL slate, regardless of when they are actually played. To see the list, click here.

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