Tennessee Titans looking at another potential free agent quarterback


It’s conceivable to imagine the Tennessee Titans drafting another quarterback in this year’s NFL draft.

It wasn’t as likely they’d chase another soon-to-be free agent quarterback, though.

That is until this fell into our laps:

Tennessee just signed Charlie Whitehurst to backup Jake Locker. The former’s deal includes $2 million in guaranteed money.

For his career, Whitehurst has a 54.2 completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 64.6. For comparison’s sake, Pryor has a 56.3 completion percentage with a quarterback rating of 69.3.

It’s doubtful the Titans trade for Pryor, but adding him as a backup to Locker wouldn’t be the worst offseason move they could make. You know, like cutting Ryan Fitzpatrick for Whitehurst.

Expect Pryor to be released if he can’t be traded.


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  • Zack

    I love it how Fitzpatrick is painted as sooooo much better than Whitehurst here. Let’s not forget Fitzpatrick was a complete failure in Buffalo which is why he was released. Also, he didn’t do anything great for the Titans last season like keep them competative. Whitehurst on the other hand has never really had the chance to play consistently and he also led Seattle to the victory 2011 in the final game of the season to win the NFC West. So what if the guy is making money as a backup. Good for him. He’s a team player, nice guy, never in trouble, strong arm, and a good runner. I think Whitehurst fits this team much better than Fitzpatrick ever did.