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After much anticipation, it is now believed that the NFL will release its 2014 schedule on Tuesday, April 22. At that point, we’ll find who plays who, from Week 1 to Week 17, including all of the primetime and national TV games; that’ll provide fans with somewhat of a road map for the season.

But some games are going to be so attractive that it doesn’t matter when they’re played; they’ll still be must-see TV. They don’t need to be a Sunday night affair, holiday showdown or late-season Saturday tilt. It wouldn’t matter if they were played on a Tuesday morning; everyone would make sure to tune in.

Why? Because these match-ups have a little extra something going for them. There’s a little bad blood, some intriguing storylines or simply head-to-head showdowns that will be a blast to watch.

So in anticipation of the schedule release next week, here are the 10 best games on the 2014 NFL slate, regardless of when they are actually played:


10. Bills at Lions


This guy will be returning to Detroit on Thanksgiving

Word has leaked that this game will be played on Thanksgiving, as somewhat of a tribute to the former owner of each team, as both Ralph Wilson (Buffalo) and William Clay Ford (Detroit) recently passed away. But the most interesting aspect will come from Jim Schwartz’s return to the Motor City.

9. Buccaneers at Bears


Lovie can get some revenge against Chicago

Two new faces in Tampa Bay will make this one a must-watch, given their previous ties to Chicago. Surely, head coach Lovie Smith would love to knock off his former team, while new Bucs quarterback Josh McCown would like nothing better than a triumphant return to the Windy City.


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  1. Broncos at Seattle. It will be a lot closer this time. Denver won’t take Seattle for granted. That said, the result will still be a Seattle victory.

    • English Professor

      I know you wrote the first sentence. I can read it. Why do you write “that said”?

  2. Bills @ Lions, should be a good one I see both teams being in the playoff hunt around that time of year. Bills will be good this year trust me.

    Bucs @ Bears, I hope this game opens up the season as there will be great anticipation for this game.

    Texans @ Cowboys, I really hope Manziel lands on either one of these teams that would be a great matchup to see in prime time.

    The most irrelevant team to me is the Broncos the way they lost at the SB spells me that this team should be done and start rebuilding. I really hope Peyton doesn’t make it through the season as he should’ve retired after that game. He’s asking for it when his neck gets injured and this time the neck will tell him his career is over.

    • Haha, the Broncos irrelevant?? They didn’t have to flip a coin to get all the way to the superbowl. They killed teams all year long. They have one bad performance in the superbowl and they should call it quits?


    Cardinals RULE! Who cares about the rest. Surprised that the Jets arn.t mentioned here with the likes of the Plowboys and the Texenoilers. Can’t wait to see how embarrassed the news service gets when they come running to hop on our band wagon!

    • born2play

      LOL Bronco’s had it made last season playing teams with below average defences. In the Super Bowl, you have to admit Seattle put on a clinic on how teams should prepair for games. Oh how one game can expose flaws on ones offence. take my word, the Broncos will fall on their faces this next season. there too many big names on that team, that reminds me of the dream teams (like the Redskins, and Eagles) had in the years past

  4. Most amusing about this list? After the off-season arms race in free agency (including a player jumping from one team to the other), Denver/New England didn’t even make the list.

  5. Not sure I would be interested in 7/10 games on this list, let alone consider them to be top-10 worthy.

    • Agreed, my Saints probably have 2 or 3 more games that should be included. Seattle, Denver, SF, and others could probably say the same thing.

  6. AFC West against NFC West this year. Look for the AFC wildcards to go east. Probably Houston and Baltimore. Jets kept that sucky coach, and Tennessee just sucks. Miami isn’t going anywhere again. Good luck.

  7. this list is weak i don’t get where these writers are coming from alot of times if those are the best games they can come up with