Did the Houston Texans make an all-time horrible trade?


Earlier today, Cover32’s Grant Gunderson listed his top 10 worst NFL trades of all-time.

Wes Welker going to the New England Patriots was on the list, as was the Atlanta Falcons trading up for Michael Vick. Fortunately four the Houston Texans, none of their trades in franchise history made the list.

That’s a good sign, but perhaps one bad trade that came to mind was during the 2005 NFL draft.

The Houston Texans traded down with the New Orleans Saints to grab Travis Johnson 16th overall out of Florida State.

Johnson battled injuries and only played four seasons and failed to make much of an impact with Houston. The Saints selected Jammal Brown, who became a solid offensive tackle, with the pick Houston gave them.

The  Texans also saw Aaron Rodgers (ouch), Roddy White, Frank Gore, Vincent Jackson and Justin Tuck among others selected after Johnson.

But it just wasn’t dumb enough of a trade to make the top 10 list. It definitely isn’t on the level of the Herschel Walker or Ricky Williams trade, however.




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