Houston Texans make crucial decision with star player


The number five isn’t usually thought of as a lucky number compared to seven and thirteen, but for Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, it’s a different story.

This week, the Texans have exercised the fifth year option on Watt’s rookie contract ,according to ESPN reporter Field Yates. Teams have until May 3rd to make a decision on whether to exercise the fifth-year option, which is guaranteed for injury only until the final day of the 2014 league year.

It becomes guaranteed at the start of the next league year. So instead of waiting for the May 3rd deadline to make a decision, the Texans didn’t waste any unnecessary time.

The new rookie wage scale adopted in 2011 requires that all draft picks sign four-year contracts. Teams have the option to pick up a fifth year for first-round picks at a much higher price.

The 2015 salary is guaranteed for injury only at this stage, so a team could still release the player next season if it wanted to.

Watt was drafted by the Texans back in 2011, and was signed to a four year contract.

During his second season in the NFL, Watt really demonstrated his impressive skill set. The six foot five, 289 pound defensive end finished the regular season with 81 tackles (69 of those solo), 20.5 sacks, 39 tackles for loss,four forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and 16 passes defended.

Watt also became the first player in NFL history to record 16.5 sacks and tip 15 passes in a single season. With such a monumental season, Watt was awarded the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

In addition to his amazing athleticism on the field, his love for his fans and well-liked personality, will help keep him around on the Texans. Watt recently posted a video of him and a young fan named Trey proving their friendship to the Trey’s classmates.

In the video Watt said, “All of you that don’t believe Trey’s my friend, believe this touchdown”. Watt then proceeded to throw a perfect pass to Trey. After seeing that video, who wouldn’t want Watt on their team?

The formula to determine Watt’s salary in 2015 is relatively complicated. Since he was drafted between No. 11 and No. 32, he gets the average of the top 25 highest-paid players, excluding the top three players at the position. Experts predict that by September 2015, Watt will be one of the highest paid defensive players of all time.

Watch out Johnny Manziel.

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  • kw

    JJ Watt deserves to be Paid his Value. Even if he never Plays another Game for the Texans he has Proven to Be Someone That Houston Needs as a Model and Face of Our City. Many Players Think only of Themselves”Whats in for Me” ..JJ Watt seems to be the Real Deal Humble,Prove it On and Off the Field type of person. I can only Hope he influences the Rest of the Team with his Work ethic and Leadership. Watt is A One in Million player……