Russell Wilson already leading offense in California workouts


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is undersized and still largely underrated by average NFL fans. Some even have gone so far as to label him a game manager. Wilson doesn’t have the height to see over defenses like a Peyton Manning or the long legs of a Cam Newton to tear defenses apart on the ground, so he has to make up for it with an extraordinary work ethic.

Wilson is fond of tweeting a mantra called “no time to sleep,” and in 2014 he’s taking it to the next level.

Over the last week Wilson has been posting pictures and videos on his Instagram account of his workouts with the offense in California. Here’s a look at what Dangeruss and the gang have been up too:

Practicing our timing until its flawless. #NoTime2Sleep

A video posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

This is our offseason. #Time2GetFasterAndStronger

A video posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

3 to 15 for the score. #notime2sleep #NoOffSeason

A video posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

Training with my offense down in California this week! #Repeat #AllInAgain!

A video posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

Wilson has reportedly been throwing to Percy Harvin for a month already. Your move, NFL.

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  • Gtran

    Cannot wait to see RW back on the regular games. If all Seahawks are healthy for the season opener, there will be a lot of excitement for the 12th man. Go Hawks!

  • Hawksfan206912

    Lol game manager? remember the Superbowl? he managed to win that game huh? lol