Top 10 worst trades in NFL history: Colts land two


In the history of the NFL there have been many trades that have wound up as mind boggling. The Colts have made two different ones that land out our top 10 list.

So which trades land there? Marshall Faulk, and John Elway.

I have no idea why Elway lands on this list, simply because if we do not trade Elway he goes back to playing baseball for the New York Yankees, and the Colts do not receive Chris Hinton in the trade. Hinton had a solid career, unfortunately for him the man we traded was Elway. Still everyone knew Elway would never play a down in a Colts uniform, so better to get something, rather than nothing.

Bill Pollian shipped off Hall of Fame running back in 1999, for a second and fifth round pick. Colts fans everywhere were devastated. Why would we ship him off? There were reports at the time that two AFC teams were interested in him for a first round pick. So why didn’t Marshall land in the AFC? Simple, Pollian wanted him out of the AFC.

The move may have looked horrible on paper, but in the long run it might have panned out. The Rams would go on to win a Super Bowl, and beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC championship game, a team coached by Tony Dungy. Without the playoff woes in Tampa, the Bucs might not have ever fired Dungy, and allowed him to come to Indianapolis.

Plus the Colts would draft Edgerrin James, would would go on to become the Colts all-time leading rusher. So without Faulk gone, the Colts might not have ever piked up Dungy, and possibly a Super Bowl ring, although that is highly debatable.

So where do the Faulk and Elway trades ranks? CLICK HERE to find out.

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