Who’s the worst cornerback the STL/LA/Cle Rams have ever drafted?


Earlier today, we determined the best cornerback the Rams franchise has ever drafted. Now it’s time to look at the dark side.

As usual, we’re only considering guys drafted in rounds one through three. Here is that list of players*.

*Again, Pro Football Reference doesn’t differentiate between safeties and cornerbacks in their list, so you’ll have to sift like I did.

I could go through and give a thoughtful analysis, but let’s be real here – it’s Tye Hill. Everyone else is just playing for second place.

The Rams drafted Hill 15th overall in the 2006 NFL draft, and I specifically remember being pretty excited by the pick. That excitement seemed pretty well-founded when Hill intercepted a pass in his very first game as a professional versus the Denver Broncos.

Alas, it was all downhill from there for Tye “Benjamin Button” Hill. He ended up with three picks in 16 games (10 starts) in his rookie season, which was promising enough. But the next season, he only played eight games and picked off one pass. In his third season, usually the tell-all season for cornerbacks, he again got injured and played in just four games. Hill was traded to the Falcons the following season and was out of the league in 2010 after a stop in Detroit.

As I’ve covered previously, the 2006 Rams draft was a Dumpster fire to end all Dumpster fires, and Hill – fair or not – was the first bit of kindling thrown in.


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