Will Jim irsay be held accountable for his actions?


Jim Irsay has always been an involved owner; however, his involvements as of late may find him in a bit of trouble; both with the law and the NFL.

The charges brought against Irsay include four felony counts of possessing a controlled substance, as well as driving under the influence.

Irsay is held to the same personal conduct policy, set out by the NFL, as the league’s players. However, the situation gets a little more sticky when the violator is in fact one of Roger Goodell’s bosses rather than a player. Having violated the substance abuse policy, as well as driving while intoxicated, the actions should result in some sort of punishment. But everyone will be watching to see just how tough Goodell’s sanctions are, especially when compared to those of say Von Miller or Aldon Smith.

Goodell had this to say about Irsay, “He is someone who was brought up in this league. I think we’re the identical age, so we sort of grew up in this league together. He’s someone who loves this game, and he brings an important perspective to it, but that’s not the priority right now. The priority is for Jim to take care of the issues he’s facing and deal with it. He also has a great organization that he’s proud of, and three girls that are very capable, smart and effective.”

The issue at this point is how severe the punishment will be from Roger Goodell. There is precedent to be set, and if Goodell goes too far on either side of the spectrum, he could really find himself fighting the uphill battle both directions, in the snow.

For now, let us hope that Irsay is getting the help he needs, and can return to the front office a better person. Whether that be after a significant suspension or not, his personal demons must be handled first.

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