Weekly Rewind: Ugly uniforms, origins of the Redskins controversy, DeSean Jackson called out


What happened to the franchise this week? If you need to catch up with all the latest Redskins news and gossip, look no further:

A 53-year old NFL retiree claims he’s faster than DeSean Jackson.

The state of the Redskins: Their cherries have blossomed (it’s better than it sounds).

A new uniform proposal has caused ire among fans. “This suit looks like an explosion in a paint factory…Also the artist should jump into the Potomac before the weather gets warm, and never be seen again,” said one comment.

Remember when the Redskins colors were Burgundy, Gold, and Darrell Green? Ahh, the glory days…

The Redskins’ corner back draft board could be a good start to replacing Green.

Jim Haslett is going to make the Redskins a Top Ten Defense in 2014, and here’s how.

cover32 Mock Draft – Round 1: did anyone take the Kirk Cousins trade bait? who are the Ram’s getting at #2 overall?

A young squad maturing over the past few years ensures Jay Gruden will be able to thrive.

The truth about the Redskins name controversy: it was the result of a feud between two billionaires and the Washington Post.

Chief Knockahoma (Alfred Morris) is still a dangerous player for the Redskins offense.

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  • Tim Timbrook

    I like the uniforms,it gets rid of those ugly ass puke yellow pants they wear.I’m also of American Indian heritage and happen to like the present logo on the helmet.The design with feathers and war paint is a good alternative and maybe might quell some of the controversey.