Houston Texans guide to filling remaining weaknesses


The Houston Texans have plenty of weaknesses they need to fill, and will have the opportunity to during the upcoming NFL draft and sign some available free agents. Here are some of the guys they need to target to address their issues.

1. Inside Linebacker– Draft Chris Borland in the third or fourth out of Wisconsin, this will address Joe Mays leaving the team for the Chiefs and give the Texans much needed depth at the inside linebacker position. Chris Borland has the potential to start day one.

2.Rush Linebacker – Sign Erin Henderson, he was released by the Minnesota Vikings for his off the field issues with DUIs (two in six weeks). Henderson says he has himself under control after his stint in rehab.

He is a young guy capable of playing inside and outside linebacker. He would be a cheap option considering his troubles, if they can get him at a good price and keep him in line this would be a great addition.

This might also make Brooks Reed play at a higher level since his job might be at risk.

3. Cornerback – Draft Rashaad Reynolds out of Oregon State, a well-developed player that has the right size and speed to walk in and start for the Texans.

He will need some development but could for sure start on the Texans roster.

4. Right tackle – Resigned Ryan Harris which works well for the pass game but might negatively impact the run game.

Harris was great on screens and when in pass blocking but struggled when run blocking. Resigning him will be a stopgap measure this year but they should draft a right tackle (potentially Antonio Richardson, round two or three and take the year to really develop and assess where the rookie is at.

If the rookie struggles all year, sign a free agent veteran in 2015 and continue to develop the rookie.

5. Left Guard – Travelle Wharton is still available and had a great season last year. He is aging and would only be a one year deal to get through to the next draft and possibly find the next long term solution.

The only issue is Travelle played well and deserves a decent contract but no one is really looking to pay an aging Left guard. He will probably retire but Texans might want to at least offer and see if he is willing to come play.