Predicting which Houston Texans games will be on prime time


According to reports, the NFL is prepared to release the schedule on Tuesday. The Houston Texans have a handful of intriguing games on this year’s schedule. Here is a prediction of which games will either make Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football or even Monday Night Football.

Vs. Indianapolis Colts, Thursday Night Football

These two team played on Sunday Night Football once last season, and it’s likely that another prime time matchup will happen between the two most talented teams in the AFC South.

Since the Texans were the league’s worst team last year, chances are they won’t get a Sunday Night Matchup against the Colts. However, divisional matchups are very common on Thursday Nights, and we can expect these two rivals to meet once in primetime, and it’ll likely be on a Thursday, as the league will likely pick two more evenly matched teams to play on Sunday and Monday.

At Dallas Cowboys, Sunday Night Football

Neither team made the playoffs last season, but the fact that the two NFL teams based in Texas only play once in every four years, barring a Super Bowl matchup (unlikely,) it makes sense to make these two teams play on a Sunday might.

No matter who plays, NBC always gets a large audience to watch their late-night games. It wouldn’t be surprising if they end up getting this game, where many will definitely tune in for a game of bragging rights in the Lone Star State.

At Pittsburgh Steelers, Monday Night Football

The Pittsburgh Steelers never have a shortage of prime time games, and it makes sense to pit them against a team that has so much talent like the Texans.

NFL Fans would love to see how the mobile Ben Roethlisberger  tries to get away from J.J. Watt, who will likely get his way with the inconsistent offensive line the Steelers have.

This is one of those matchups we usually see on Mondays, where one of the league’s most popular and successful franchises will face off against a team that’s fully unpredictable.


It’s always hard to predict games that’ll make it on prime time, but the Texans definitely deserve a handful of them.

Texans fans, do you think any of these possible prime time matchups make sense, or should the Texans face other opponents? How many prime time matchups should they get in 2014?

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