Andy Dalton is ready to face his critics


Andy Dalton is not backing down. He is ready to face his critics.

“Well, I’m very confident in what I’ve done,” Dalton said as he reported to the Bengals voluntary workouts. “The people who are the critics, they look at all the negatives. They don’t look at that I’m one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to do certain things. They don’t look at that kind of stuff. They want to find ways to tear me down, but I’m not worried about that. They can say whatever they want.”

Apparently, it is clear with Dalton, as it is with everyone else, that there are serious questions regarding the young quarterback’s future. Heading into the final year of his rookie deal, there has been plenty of talk from everybody in the Bengals organization about signing Dalton to a long-term deal, but nothing has yet to be done.

“There’s obviously some risk when that goes on, but I am confident in everything that I have been able to do and what I am going to do this year,” said Dalton. “If it comes to that then it comes to that, but I think both sides want to get it (a deal) done. So, hopefully it happens.”

This is a absolutely huge year for Dalton. His career may literally hinge on the Bengals success in the postseason. A solid season may be enough to keep Dalton around, but a bad season could have him leaving Cincinnati for good.

That being said, Dalton doesn’t care what we think.

“All that matters is what everyone believes in this organization and what I believe in myself. That’s how I go about my business,” said Dalton.

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