Buccaneers’ draft focus


Over the course of the next week, I’ll be writing up a series of columns on why the Buccaneers should and shouldn’t draft one of the top draft prospects next month.

The NFL Draft, such an exciting moment in the off-season isn’t it? I love following it, covering it and like everyone else, I’m a ‘self-claimed’ guru at this thing, until Commissioner Roger Goodell goes up there and begins the chaos.

Teams re-building for the future with the brightest stars to come out of college. A fountain of youth, refreshing a team with explosions of young, gifted talent.

Tampa Bay holds the 7th overall pick, and my first draft focus is on Texas A&M quarterback.

Johnny Manziel – Quarterback – Texas A&M
5’ 11 3/4’’ – 207lbs – 4.68 40 yard dash – 32 wonderlic score.

-Why the Buccaneers SHOULD draft Johnny Manziel
He is explosive, effective and the most dynamic player in college. Tampa Bay doesn’t believe in last year’s starter Mike Glennon (evidence bringing in Josh McCown from free agency) and the Buccaneers have a need in the most important position in football.

Manziel has swagger and brings an attitude that would change the losing, mild mannered feel that this team had last year. This team is going to score, we’re going to jam the ball up your throat and you’re going to like it. That’s the Manziel way. Some call it a cocky bad boy attitude not worth dealing with, but when you back it up with the performances he’s brought to the table. Hard to call him out on it. He embraces the bad boy image. He also had delivered on the football field.

He thrilled scouts in his final season at Texas A&M with incredible throws on the run, jumping over guys, bending around, wiggling through traffic to find an open man. Brilliant playmaking abilities when the, ahem, stuff hits the fan and leadership while carrying the Aggies to a comeback Chick-Fil-A bowl win, all after leading the team in passing and rushing yards over the season.

Manziel is a stud in the making. The perfect player to build upon and jumpstart a franchise that hasn’t been solid at the quarterback position in a long time. But will he be available at the seventh pick?

-Why the Buccaneers SHOULDN’T draft Johnny Manziel
Many believe Manziel isn’t NFL material. Too brittle, too small, not prototypical and that hasn’t won in the NFL. He’s a big sack away from IR and he can’t take the extra punishment that running around and scrambling inflicts on your body in the NFL.

The NFL is a tough place to play. Swallowing up quarterbacks like lunch and throwing them up before dinner. Manziel’s style doesn’t fit. His attitude is cocky and doesn’t display what a true leader brings. College is one thing, the NFL is another. Just ask other highly hyped running quarterbacks from big schools(See Vince Young, Pat White, Jamarcuss Russell, Tim Tebow.)

Tampa Bay has two perfectly good quarterbacks to act as a ‘bridge’ while the team patches up much more larger holes on the team. Even then, who says Mike Glennon isn’t a star in the making? Quarterback isn’t the biggest gaping hole on this team.

-Ronnie K’s Take

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