Could Tennessee Titans trade back and land “Johnny Football”?

jake locker of the dominant tennessee titans throws a pass
Jake Locker throws a pass

As the NFL Draft steadily approaches, the Tennessee Titans are surely exhausting all of their options which should include trading back to recoup a third rounder lost in the swap for Justin Hunter last year.

According to ESPN’s Mark Dominik, as transcribed by Rotoworld, Johnny Manziel will “fall a little more than people think.”

Dominik went on to note that Manziel could drop as far as the late first round.

I absolutely love what Manziel brings to the table. He’s a solid football player and a budding star in the business.

His skill set and star power would bring a different outlook to the Titans franchise.

He could be a game changer at the position, but the question remains: Will Tennessee take a chance on him?

Are you for or against Manziel being the successor to Jake Locker?

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  • Zack

    Oh my goodness… There’s getting information to write an article… and then there’s making garbage up to write an article. Manziel will never fall that far and even if he did, the Titans have bigger problems than the QB position. If Locker is healthy, he’s gonna be one of the best in the league just like he showed at the start of the 2013 season. Please stop writing stupid articles with no solid base to them.

  • Raj Prashad

    Just putting information together. If Dominik doesn’t say Manziel might drop to the later part of the first round, I’d still likely write something to the tune of trading back for picks. Yes, the Titans have needs, but they know how to get quality later. If that means giving up a Justin Gilbert and landing someone further down to get more picks, I’m sure they’ll consider it. Thanks for the read.