Josh McCown versus Mike Glennon


Think back to a year ago fans, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had Josh Freeman as a quarterback and Mike Glennon was an unknown name. Seems like so long ago that the Bucs were struggling at quarterback, and now they have two quarterbacks that are fighting for the starting job. Now the question is who should be the starter?

Newcomer Josh McCown is the veteran quarterback and even though he has never really been the go-to guy, he can win games for teams. Last year when Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler went down with an injury, McCown filled in and actually out performed Cutler so well, that many Bears’ fans wanted McCown to remain the starter.

McCown also carried my fantasy team last year after I picked him up when Aaron Rodgers went down. The man can surprise a lot of people, and I believe it was a good sign by the Bucs to bring him in. McCown also joins his former Bears’ coach, Lovie Smith, which in some part, could be the reason he was named as the starter for the 2014 season.

In his eight games of the 2013 season, McCown had 149 completions on 224 attempts and fell just short of 2,000 passing yards by a mere 171 yards. He posted a career best completion percentage at 66.5%, a career best for average yards per completion at 8.17 yards and a career best of 13 touchdowns.

McCown’s one interception in 2013 is a career best when playing in more than three games. Can McCown keep up the career best numbers for 2014 and lead the Buccaneers to a winning season? With the right coaching by Smith, and this year’s surrounding roster, there is a good chance he can.

Now you are asking, “What about Mike Glennon?” Well the rookie did exceptionally well for being tossed into the mix after the Josh Freeman fiasco. In 13 games for the Bucs, Glennon completed 247 passes on 416 attempts and racked up 2,608 yards. Glennon averaged over six yards per throw, and threw an impressive 19 touchdowns.

So why is Glennon not getting the starting job you might ask? While he did have more passing yards and touchdowns than McCown, he also threw eight more interceptions. Glennon is a young quarterback, and while yes he could be a starter this year for Tampa, he has a lot learn. He has a chance to watch McCown and further refine his skills and abilities to take over as the standout quarterback of the Buccaneers in a few years.

I think that giving McCown the starting job is the right move, simply because he has more experience and he also knows what Lovie Smith looks for. Glennon needs to work with McCown to better himself as a quarterback on how to read the defense to lower his interceptions.

With the Bears connection between Lovie Smith and Josh McCown, Glennon will have to really outperform McCown to win the starting job. It is possible for that to happen, but in any case Buccaneer fans should be excited to see what these two quarterbacks can bring to the table.

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