Orange you glad you’re a Denver Broncos fan?


Orange you glad you’re a Broncos fan? I am.

There’s an unquestionable sense of pride to be a resident of Broncos Country. Whether you were born into it, married into it, or just like the Broncos because our colors are so pleasing to the eye, all followers are welcome to this great nation of fans. Who knows what the population is? Impossible to calculate. But one thing is for sure, I know we roll deep. I might not have met 99.9 percent of the populous of this cult of fandom, but I know all members have one thing in common – and that is we unconditionally love the Broncos. When the Broncos are on Sundays, we pay attention. And when they win, it makes us smile.

Naturally, it makes us happy when they win games. It makes us elated when they win playoff games. And it makes us ecstatically exhilarated when they win Super Bowls.

On the other side of the coin (a coin hopefully Joe Namath never got his hands on), when they lose games, it makes us sad. When they lose playoff games, it makes us weep. And when they lose Super Bowls, if feels like The Incredible Hulk punched us in the heart.

In the end, football is just a game. So why do we care so much? I don’t have a legitimate answer to that question. I think the answer is found in the many fascinating facets of fanatics: The camaraderie of tailgating. Attending the game with your pops. Sipping on a delicious beer as jets fly over the stadium. Strangers high-fiving. A surgeon hugging a plumber because the Broncos just took a pick-six to the house. Huddling around a couch with your friends yelling at the television. Dominating a chicken wing as the Broncos dominate the Raiders. Freaking out of over potential bad calls that deep down you know are borderline but the bias for your team forces you to warp your judgment.

It might be the offseason, but we’re fans all year long. I was recently in Peru climbing the mountains of Machu Picchu. It was a celestial and meditative trip to try and get over the loss to the Seahawks. Just kidding. It was a bucket list vacation with my wife and some life-long friends. But the reason I bring this up is because on the top of a mountain in the middle of the Peruvian rain forest, I ran into two fellow residents of Broncos country. They were rocking orange “Peyton F—— Manning” shirts. What are the odds? It was as mystical as the clouds shrouding the famous Machu Picchu peak. I immediately had a bond with them. We were on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere and the fact that we all love the Broncos brought us together.

That’s what the Broncos do. They bring a whole city, state, region, and proverbial nation of fellow fans together. Being a Broncos fan is kind of like being in a really cool club. Like the “Little Rascals” or the “Sons of Anarchy.” Everything might not always be peachy keen, but no matter what, we’re all on at least one same page in life. Because we all want the same thing, and that’s Broncos victories.  
To see the unity and joy that emanates from Broncos Country after a victory, look no further than the concrete ramps at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. After a Broncos win it’s like an impromptu parade of sheer joy. Swells of cheers, screams, and chants thunder through the rafters in a cacophony of mutual delight as people shuffle out of the stadium. After a Broncos victory, I always look forward to the ramp experience.
Just like I’m looking forward to next season, because a new season perpetually brings all the overused but accurate clichés of hope and excitement. The prospect of possible success always get me hyped up. It makes me pumped to be a fan of the orange-clad warriors that are the Denver Broncos. Orange you glad as well? 

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  • Gary

    Great post! What are the odds, indeed?!

    What a cool story, and experience. They’ve began to implement the saying “United in Orange”, so I’ve just been combining it. This post spells out, my truncated combination of the two Broncos mantras alluded to.
    Broncos Country United!

    Thanks again, loved the read!

  • nate

    I’m a Chiefs fan lol and y’all fair weather Broncos fans could learn from real fans what it’s like to be a fan. I didn’t hear y’all yapping when Jake Plummer was your QB but when y’all are decent y’all come out lol…and we do BBQ way better

  • pat

    Love that story. I’ve been a Broncos fan since the late 70’s, and I live in Packers state.(cheese heads). I cheer on the Broncos every game wearing Broncos orange. One night after the broncos game, I was riding home in my truck that has a Broncos window sticker. Stopped at a red light, a truck was blowing his horn at me, when I turned to look at the driver he rolled his window down to show me his Broncos orange hat. Before we drove off we both said GO BRONCOS, smiled and waved. Its Great to see another fan so far from home