Raiders pull off miraculous last minute trade of Terrelle Pryor


The Oakland Raiders and general manager Reggie McKenzie surprised and impressed me today. On the day when most expected quarterback Terrelle Pryor to be cut from the team, the Raiders were able to pull off a last minute trade, sending Pryor to the Seahawks, reportedly for a 7th round pick.

What is interesting is the report that the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks were both interested in trading for Pryor and Seattle won out. It is not surprising the two NFC rivals would be bidding against each other. What is surprising is if the Raiders only got a 7th rounder with two teams bidding. Not much less valuable to trade with than a 7th rounder. Perhaps the Niners were offering a disgruntled running back named LaMichael James? Or maybe it was a 7th round pick in 2015?

Who knows how it all went down. What I do know is that getting anything for Pryor is a coup by McKenzie. Both Pryor and the Raiders made it public knowledge that the relationship between the two needed to come to an end. Given that fact, the only thing teams were trading for was the right to jump ahead of the waiver wire. Makes sense since the Niners and Seahawks would both be on the back end of the waiver wire.

At the end of the day, a 7th round pick from he Seahawks isn’t worth much more than getting first dibs on an undrafted free agent, but it is still more than I thought they would get for him when the day started.

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  • Jay

    RM is whack at doing NFL business. When he was asked about Pryor in an interview, he should given the company line that Billicek and Harbaugh give, ‘we don’t discuss any player movement’for example. No, RM says TP wants to start so bad, and we’ll try to trade him etc. If I’m a GM with interest in TP, after hearing that, I would just wait for the Raiders to release him. And RM was lucky to get a measly 7th for TP. If the Seachickens hadn’t got wind of interest from the 49ers, RM would’ve had to release Pryor. Right now I can hear old school Fred Sanford from Sanford & Son saying to RM, “you big dummy”

    • Bro

      Oh cool how long have you been in the NFL doing business? Thought so, go cheerlead for Pryor in Seattle

      • Jay

        Ain’t nobody cheerleading for Pryor, I could care less. I’m just tired of the Raiders being stupid. As bad as we needed a 5th? RM should have kept his friggin mouth shut and kept everybody in the dark. THAT is how you do NFL business. You STFU til it’s time to deal

  • Reggie

    Was he “stupid” when we traded down in last years draft to get the same player we coveted in Hayden and an extra 2nd rd pk where we got Menelik? Most of our free agents say RM is the reason they came. Let the draft and the season come already.

  • The Dude

    Pryor was a 3rd Round Supplemental Draft pick… we received a 7th Round pick for him.