The confusion about the Oakland Raiders cutting Terrelle Pryor


If reports are true, the Oakland Raiders are supposed to cut quarterback Terrelle Pryor before the beginning of offseason workouts on Tuesday. Which of course means that today could be the final day of Pyror’s tenure with the Silver and Black. But is cutting Pryor now such a good idea for the Raiders?

According to the reports, the Raiders do not want Pryor on the team by the start of offseason workouts. Typically, if a team insists on ridding itself of a player before offseason workouts it is because there is a fear that the player may hurt himself and the team would be stuck with paying their salary (think Steve McNair).

But with Pryor, this does not make a ton of sense. Sure, he could injure himself and the Raiders would likely be liable for his salary. But with a base salary of just over $700,000 the Raiders would not be risking a lot. They have plenty of cap space to take the hit as they currently have more than enough money to sign their draft picks and still have spare change to sign a free agent or two who gets cut from their team.

With the draft only a few weeks away, it is surprising that the Raiders do not simply hang on to Pryor for a little longer in the hope of getting value for him in a draft day trade. While there is not much interest in Pryor right now, things could change depending on how the draft plays out. There may be teams who do not have interest in Pryor because they plan on taking a project quarterback in a mid round this year. But if one of those teams were to miss out on the chance to draft their guy, they could turn around and trade a late round pick for a project already in the league like Pryor.

Unless Pryor has become such a cancer that the coaching staff and front office is concerned about his impact on the other players, it is rather surprising that general manager Reggie McKenzie appears to be ready to cut Pryor loose before doing everything he can to land a pick in exchange for him. Of course, there is no guarantee that the Raiders would be able to get any value for Pryor, but there is also not a whole lot of risk to keeping him around to find out.

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  • Nick-

    I agree,….if you are going to cut him loose then why not wait until the draft to see if we can possibly pick up a late round pick. A draft this deep will surely have some great sleeper picks toward the later rounds. Why not grab all the picks we can?

  • Joe

    Could be he want TP to get a shot at being signed by another team early.

  • Anonymous

    I think we should keep him schaub get hurt & sucks

    • Anonymous

      hell yeh ur right shaub sucks lets go Pryer

      • Anonymous

        This is why they want him gone. Because stupid people can’t see that he sucks. They don’t want a QB controversy because the fans want to see the clearly inferior product on the field. Schaub will do fine if he’s supported but his confidence was hit pretty hard last year the last thing he needs is to throw a pick early and have fans booing and demanding pryor. Cutting pryor had they not got the pick for him would have been the right thing to do he COULD NOT be allowed to remain on the team

  • John

    At that price per year and his athletic ability it would seem that Pryor could run a wildcat formation on occasions, wide receiver or tight end sometimes, or even special teams. Get him on the field wherever 12-15 plays a game. He is an above average NFL player in my opinion. Let him make some plays!!!

  • Frank

    Don’t worry TP, We will probably be cutting Coach Allen and GM Mckenzie after this season. Maybe you will find another team that has a decent line and you will get a chance to shine again.

    • joey

      big mistake…you will see big mistake raiders….

  • Best

    If you think he will cause a problem. How will the team feel after the unjustice

  • Marty

    True Oakland Raider fans know Prior has to go!!!!! McKensie knows NFL football!!! Defense Wins championships!!! Established running team offenses control the ball on offense, then you can mix in your passing offensive plays. Prior CANNOT take the NFL pounding and hits that a QB in the NFL has to survive. Let’s look forward to a great Raiders NFL season in 2014!!! the Raider offense has to POUND out the running game-and breakdown the opponents defense, then pass the ball!!! GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!