Two St. Louis Rams running backs make an appearance on 10 worst trades list


On Friday, cover32 editor Grant Gunderson put together a list of the 10 worst trades in NFL history. The Rams appeared on the list twice – once as the fleecer and once as the fleeced.

The good: Coming in at no. 7 – the Marshall Faulk trade with the Colts. Here’s Gunderson’s take:

Trading a Hall of Famer for a second and fifth-round draft pick is just plain dumb… but that’s exactly what the Colts did.

They sent running back Marshall Faulk to the St. Louis Rams, giving them the “Greatest Show on Turf” and a Super Bowl win. Brad Scioli and Mike Peterson were drafted by the Colts with those draft picks, but neither player had the value that Faulk did.

The bad: Coming in at no. 6 the Jerome Bettis trade with the Steelers. Again, Gunderson’s take:

After moving to St. Louis, the team wanted to move Bettis to fullback in order to give the running back spot to Lawrence Phillips. Bettis thought otherwise and was then traded, just three seasons after being drafted, to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We all know how that ends. Bettis rushed for over 10,000 yards while wearing yellow and black. He’s also a three-time finalist for the Hall of Fame.

Read the whole piece here.

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