Which New York Giants player is set to have a bounce back season?


The New York Giants begin offseason workouts Monday at Quest Diagnostics Center, officially kicking off the sprint toward the 2014 NFL season opener in early September. After a dismal campaign in 2013 that miraculous had the G-Men finish just one game below .500 at 7-9, many players will be looking to improve on their poor performance.

Of those players, quarterback Eli Manning should be primed and ready for a turnaround year with Big Blue after a record-setting 27 interceptions and one of the worst seasons in his 10-year NFL career.

An improvement over last season isn’t really a big stretch for Manning—or anyone, for that matter. The Giants would like to see a year more similar to the 33-year-old’s 2011 campaign, when he led the G-Men to seven fourth-quarter comebacks with 15 fourth-quarter touchdowns and guided the team to its second Super Bowl championship in five seasons.

The Giants’ gunslinger has already hit a slight speed bump after undergoing surgery to repair his injured left ankle. But once he’s back to 100 percent health, Manning should be in good shape to help rejuvenate the G-Men for a strong season in 2014.

Set up with key receivers Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle, as well as talented pass-catching running back Rashad Jennings, Manning is surrounded by some quality offensive weapons. With the draft upcoming in just a few short weeks, you can expect the Giants to add at least one more weapon in the early rounds with the potential to add a tight end and another receiver to Manning’s arsenal.

The offensive line in front of him should be substantially improved from last season, which was unquestionably the greatest detriment to Manning and the Giants offense’s success on the gridiron.

Group those factors in with a new offensive scheme constructed by new coordinator Ben McAdoo, and Manning should have an opportunity in front of him tailored for his success.

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