Buccaneers’ draft focus – day 2


My series of columns continues on individual Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft prospects that the team should or shouldn’t draft, next month.

Tampa Bay holds the 7th overall pick, and my next draft focus is on Clemson wide receiver, Sammy Watkins

Sammy Watkins – Wide receiver – Clemson.
6’ 1’’ – 211lbs – 4.43 40 yard dash – 34’’ vertical.

-Why the Buccaneers SHOULD draft Sammy WatkinsHe is the best wide receiver in the NFL draft, hands down(sorry Mike Evans.) Tampa Bay needs a wide receiver after the mess that was Mike Williams is over. Round hole. Round peg? You bet.

Watkins is a beast. His explosiveness can’t be taught. His body control when the football is in the air is excellent and great hands and vision pick that football out of the sky with ease. Solid speed and great routes. Not only was he fantastic for the Tigers his entire career in college, but he made an immediate impact as well.

Watkins is only the fourth ever true freshman to be voted an AP first team All-American, right next to Herschel Walker, Marshall Faulk and Adrian Peterson.

I don’t know what it would take to get you to say “damn, that’s messed up impressive.”

But that’s gotta be close.

His Orange Bowl performance last year solidified himself as a standout prospect wide receiver, being voted MVP of the game while hauling in 16 catches for 227 yards. Madden-esk stats.

He has silky smooth moves and was a first-team All-American all three years of college play. Watkins would immediately become the best playmaker on a Tampa Bay offense with no explosiveness.

I’ve said numerous times this offseason. Tampa Bay needs a playmaker on offense.

A guy that defensive coordinators are going to study extra days preparing for. Someone that makes your hair turn grey and your nights sleepless when game planning against him.

That caliber of player is Sammy Watkins. A perfect player for a gaping need in Tampa Bay.

-Why the Buccaneers SHOULDN’T draft Sammy Watkins
His arrest in May of 2012 by Clemson campus police for possession of marijuana isn’t a big deal, but it can’t be ignored. Once he gets paid. Will he still be motivated? Does he begin to move towards the typical NFL wide receiver ‘drama infested’ mold? Tampa Bay just cleansed themselves of one. They absolutely cannot afford to go down that road again..

Wide receiver is a big need, but I’ve always said you WILL NOT win in this league without a bonafide quarterback at the reins.

Great quarterbacks make the wide receiver. Not the other way around. Tampa Bay has nothing near a great quarterback and it’s tempting to pull the trigger on a Manziel, Bortles or Carr, per they be available at that seventh pick. On the flip side, will Watkins even be available? Cleveland, St. Louis and Jacksonville are all very possible destinations for the Clemson standout.

-Ronnie K’s Take

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