ESPN analyst bashes top prospect in NFL draft, possible Houston Texans target


Merril Hoge continues his bashing of some of the top prospects in the draft, and this time he’s criticized who many believe is the most talented player available in the draft.

Hoge, speaking about defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, stated that his fundamentals were “atrocious” and he’s “Not a very good football player. Gets controlled and trucked a lot.”

He didn’t stop there, claiming that he’d select Khalil Mack “in a heartbeat, in the First Round all day.”

This is also the same man who said that Johnny Manziel “has NFL draft bust written all over him.” Hoge’s comments are very intriguing leading up to the draft, but it’s not likely that any team with a high draft pick will listen to him. Manziel is definitely going to be taken by a team in need of a quarterback, and Clowney will almost surely be a top-five pick.

It remains to be seen on whether or not Hoge’s statements will be right or wrong. One thing is for sure: He isn’t sold on two of the most promising prospects in the draft.

It’s up to Clowney and Manziel to prove him wrong, and for the Houston Texans to decide on if they should draft either with the top pick.