Five missed opportunities for the Indianapolis Colts in the offseason


The Colts have been active in the free agent market since Ryan Grigson took the reigns as the general manager of the Colts. During the Bill Polian era, the Colts would avoid free agency like the plague and would rest their laurels on a “next man up” mantra that saw minimal success due to consistent first round losses in the playoffs. One can argue that the lack of action in the free agent market is a key reason the Colts didn’t make more trips to the Super Bowl.
But I digress…

Fortunately, Ryan Grigson wants the Colts to grow every season and makes big splashes that have been successful such as the signing of Gosder Cherilus, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Jerrell Freeman.

Of course there have been some duds such as signing Samson Satele and Darrius Heyward-Bey.

The important thing is that there’s a willingness for the Colts to try and get better and win a Super Bowl. They already have in my eyes an elite quarterback to anchor the team around and plenty of strong pieces to build a championship team.

This year proved no different as the Colts helped shore up several key needs to their roster. Of course, they also left some voided due to the NFL draft looming.

With some high price free agents finding themselves in new homes, I want to take a look at the top five areas the Colts missed out in improving their team.

5. The potential of a Demarcus Ware/Robert Mathis pass rush.

Sure this may sound like a Pipedream, but I strongly considered paying Ware what he was asking for to help the weak pass rush the Colts had. Ware got a three year deal from Denver for thirty million dollars. That may have been a big steep for an aging player with injury history, but the promise it brought for the pass rush would almost be worth it. Erik Walden would have to be let go of his contract because he would have his position supplanted by Ware coupled with the fact that Walden brings nothing to the Colts of note.

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