Five questions answered about Terrelle Pryor


Yesterday when the Seattle Seahawks traded a 7th round draft pick to the Oakland Raiders for Terrelle Pryor I tried to get a gauge on what Raiders fans thought about the deal. Some thought it was a fair trade for both sides, some thought we got a steal, and others were just glad to be rid of him. I’ve only seen a couple games of Pryor at quarterback so I decided to find out more.

For that, I reached out to James Arcellana, managing editor of cover32’s Raiders site. I asked five questions about Pryor. James was happy to oblige and tell me everything I wanted (and didn’t want) to know.

Tim Weaver: So you obviously know more about Terrelle Pryor than the average Seahawks fan. What can you tell us about him?

James Arcellana: First of all, the guy is an absolute freak athletically. He is probably one of if not the fastest guys on the Raiders and could easily outrun many of the corner backs and wide receivers in the league. He is also a very big boy and is not easy to bring down. Unfortunately he also has a lot of downside to his game at quarterback. He holds onto the ball for way too long, does not go through all of his reads and often prefers to play backyard football rather than stick to the plays being called in. As a result, there were multiple times last season where the Raiders found themselves in a 3rd and 30+ situation due solely to Pryor’s mistakes. A number of times, I saw Pryor escape pressure in the pocket, and roll towards the sideline before simply stepping out of bounds for a loss rather than throwing the ball away. To make things worse, his throws are often as inconsistent as his decision making. With better protection than he had in Oakland, he has potential but has a lot left he needs to work on.

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